About me

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Ryo Leong

My story

I have proven that “old dogs can learn new tricks”.

Like other Gen-X marketers, I honed my craft in marketing centering on traditional media. In fact, I helmed marketing and subsequently content functions in Singapore’s national broadcaster. But as digital marketing emerged, I found myself struggling to keep up with all the new trends and platforms. The speed of change is constantly accelerating. Amidst the frustrations and confusion, there was also the pressure to deliver some form of measurable success… and to repeat them.

Then it dawned on me. I had been a dog chasing after its own tail. Every new “toy” is exciting, but I could never catch it fast enough. Instead of trying to master every new platform and trend from scratch, I learned to make sense of them building from the knowledge that I already possessed in marketing and media. After all, although the tools can change, the fundamental principles and concepts remain.​

Your story

Do you identify with what I went through? Are you

  • Struggling to meet the demands of the hungry content monster?
  • Not having a consistent direction for content creation?
  • Relying heavily on ads to push engagement KPIs even with big budget productions?
  • Agonising over how to replicate a previous “hit”?
  • Fussing over vanity metrics (“likes”, “comments” and “shares”) without any idea how the content contributes to the marketing and sales funnel?

If so, I can help. Not to “execute” for you and make you perpetually reliant on external help, but to help you and your team learn and establish a sustainable strategy and framework that can direct your brand narrative and put you in control.

"I'll help you craft your story to date and chart your story to come"