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Finding a Hawker Blue Ocean

Markets are evolving constantly by the changing macroenvironments. Even for a “tze char” stall (stir-fry eatery), blue oceans, or new approaches to the business that makes competition irrelevant, are possible.

Best Lunar New Year Ad 2021

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Lunar New Year is the period to celebrate kinship and family in many parts of Asia. It is a great opportunity for brands to use storytelling to create brand salience.
This year’s best ad (in terms of storytelling) captured the spirit of the season and the times perfectly.

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A Look Back at 2020

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The “Boiling Frog” story can also be applied to not noticing or appreciating the small beginnings and efforts that do not have outcomes to show. They are however, a start to a quest or a step towards a dream.

Ryo takes a look back these small beginnings in 2020 and looks forward with hope to 2021

True Story!

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Viewers distrust commercials nowadays because they are usually exaggerated and fictitious. Content ?based on true stories? seems to be getting more engagement. While writing on ?Where most go wrong? in our Content Marketing 101 resource, I came across this article?where… Read More »True Story!

Gen-X brand imagery

In our discussion on “WHY is Content Marketing important“, we touched on the brand imagery associated with Gen-X young adults growing up then such as CK ONE. Being someone in that category, I remember a popular song that sums up… Read More »Gen-X brand imagery