Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is no longer an option.

But where do we even begin? Many are looking for a “silver bullet” in the form of an experienced Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director with proven digital track record. Unfortunately, this “silver bullet” is not only very costly but can also be very elusive.

Experienced Gen-X marketers with good managerial skills are often challenged when it comes to digital skillsets.

On the other hand, while digital natives are quick to adopt the latest digital trends, they tend to be weaker in strategic and managerial skills.

What if there is an option to have an experienced marketer specializing in strategic digital and narrative marketing who can not only craft effective digital strategies but also help with training needs analysis and provide the needed training to groom the existing marketing team for sustainable execution?

What if this option is available at the cost of just a manager pay grade?

This is exactly what I am offering.

This works just like a car-sharing scheme. I will work on a “part time” basis but in reality, this will allow me to be really focused on the task at hand without distractions. Yet, I will not just be a “hands-off” consultant. On the contrary, I will be working directly with your marketing team in order to have a firm understanding from the ground.

Request for a chat now… and explore new possibilities for your digital transformation and strategy needs.

What if you can rent a CMO