McDonald’s Philippines’ (short) love story

Romance and hit pop songs are key ingredients that propelled Korean dramas to its current status. Apparently, McDonald’s in the Philippines deployed the same ingredients for a successful campaign (Write up by “Think with Google” here). In fact, there is an equally (if not more) successful follow up campaign with both achieving good results in sales conversion.

Follow up video:

What I would like to highlight is the fact that the second one was a response to the fans’ reactions for the first video… While both are great pieces of content used for marketing and ticked all the boxes in terms of choice of platform (YouTube), talent and storytelling, they were still effectively? stand alone campaigns. There are definitely more legs to be explored. What will be the outcome if McDonald’s Philippines decides to start a content channel with consistent supply of content? I don’t mean a full fledged mini-series like DBS Sparks (although that would be great, but costly) but all sorts of content guided by a?Content Compass? Surely the engagement earned can be sustained and built upon for a long term relationship with the customer?

Having an one-off?love story campaign is like a “one-night-stand”… there is no long term relationship.

Nevertheless, they are good content marketing pieces… especially compared to McDonald’s Singapore, where success is tied to new (and creative) product introductions like the Nasi Lemak burger… albeit, there is also potential here for content… yes?