Wake Up Your Ideas!

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Wake Up Your Ideas!

There are not many things that are more mentally draining than attending an evening workshop after a long day. Not to mention a workshop on creative thinking that requires more brain activity!

Nevertheless, 11 participants of the first public run of “Wake Up Your Ideas” creative thinking workshop on 21st Nov, recognized the need to have insights into this important capability that can help them achieve more and create greater value. And they were not disappointed.

Participants of Wake Up Your Ideas! Creative Thinking Workshop

“Easy to follow, not too technical.”

Through a series of fun activities, participants got to experience the concepts of mental blocks and other “curses” that prevent the brain from coming up with ideas. Mr. Chow felt that the workshop was “easy to follow, not too technical, while Ms Tham thinks that it was a “short but powerful workshop with good combination of sharing of ideas and practice during the workshop to consolidate the learning“. 


Ryo was very engaging and he shared insightful content that are applicable in our daily activities. All in all, an enjoyable workshop.” added Ms Lee. 

It was also suggested that corporates can do this workshop prior to their retreats or planning sessions. That, I believe, is a GREAT idea.

For enquiries on this Workshop or the related “Think out of WHAT box?” talk, email ryoleong@contentplayhq.com. The next public run of “Wake Up Your Ideas!” Creative Thinking Workshop is slated in Feb 2020.