No Ideas, wake up your ideas

Wake Up Your IDEAS

    Introduction: Having a constant stream of ideas and solutions to a problem is the most important capability for success.

    Ever wonder why some people can come up with ideas easily? Ever encountered moments of mental blocks when nothing comes forth from our brains?

    In this digital workshop, you'd not only understand how our brains work in creative thinking, you'd learn new approaches to think and be equipped with three techniques to expand your creative thinking capabilities. All at your preferred time, pace and location! It's time to WAKE UP YOUR IDEAS!

Digital Narrative Marketing for Social Media

    In the age of social media marketing, there is a pressing demand for content creation. We definitely need to be more efficient in producing posts and videos. But more importantly, we need to know how to produce effective content; content that get results.

    “Those who tell the stories rule society”
    ~ Plato ~

    Stories have the power to move people and the ability to craft emotive narratives is the key to marketing success.

    Through this course, you will learn to:
    1. Appreciate how different content types are used for different social media platforms and the importance of a well-stocked brand assets library.
    2. Understand how emotions are key to persuasion and influence and how stories work in connecting with audience emotively.
    3. Apply brand storytelling techniques to create and repurpose different forms of content that win hearts, plant ideas and inspire actions using basic content creation tools and software.

    You have access to media platforms. And you can now direct the narrative for your brand through emotive storytelling and rule your markets.

    This workshop is available in both English and Mandarin.

    Skills Future Credits eligible for use!

happy customer

Emotive Influencing for Workplace Success (Online)

    Introduction: From impressing the audience on social media to persuading a customer to buy our products, we are constantly trying to influence others. Especially in the digital age, an effective influencer needs to win hearts, change minds and inspire actions. To do so, studies have shown that the use of factual information and statistics alone is not effective. Instead, one needs to appeal to the audience's emotions in order to make impactful communications. The best way to achieve emotive influencing is to do so through storytelling.
    Key takeaways: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;
  • Appreciate why and how stories work in connecting with emotions
  • Tell a complete story in 3 minutes that influences the audience 
  • Understand the keys to effective persuasion using stories

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