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3 Common Brand Storytelling Mistakes to Avoid 💥

Storytelling is the most 💥 powerful tool when it comes to connecting emotionally with people.⁣
For brands, this is a critical technique for content creation and branding. Yet I feel that
many brands tend to make these 𝟯 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲𝘀 ❌when it comes to brand storytelling. 😱⁣
Avoid them and your engagement levels will be 🔥 hot!⁣
Let me know if this is helpful? I will try to produce more if the response is positive. There are also more free insights and resources as well as the copy of “The Role of the Brand in 7 Story Archetypes” in my Members Hub:
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Chats with Experts

谁会故事营销,谁就拥有市场! Those who know Narrative Marketing will win the market!



很开心将与石惠敏博士的《亚洲教育学院》合作举办一个别出心裁的课程。”用图片、视频传播情感共鸣的数字营销“ 是一个2天的课程。内容包含了故事营销的理念及运用简单应用程序来制作内容的技巧。

或致电 +65 8156 3458 或电邮 查询。

Greek philosopher Plato once said that “Those who tell stories rule society”.

That is not an overstatement because stories are most effective
in touching people’s hearts. A Harvard Business School professor found that 95% of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind. This means that our purchase decisions are emotive rather than rational. Hence, knowing how to use stories or narratives in marketing will enable brands to connect emotionally with their customers and influence their buying decisions.

Grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr Shih Hui Min’s “Asia Professional Development Academy” to develop a 2-day course on “Digital Narrative Marketing for Social Media – telling emotive stories through photos and videos”, where I will touch on both the concept of Narrative Marketing in detail as well as the practical usage of simple apps and equipment to produce emotive content.

While the interview with Dr Shih was conducted in Mandarin, you can turn on the English subtitles provided. There will also be both English and Chinese versions of the course. The next run for the English version will be on 5-6 October 2020 (Mon-Tue)

For more information, do contact APDA at +65 8156 3458 or email
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The ContentXMarketing Show - with ryoXcolin

Influence with Stories | The ContentXMarketing Show Ep 1 (excerpt)

Stories are used since creation as a form of communications. They evoke emotions and are powerful tools for influencing others.

Those who have more experience in life (ie., “mature” folks) should
have more stories to tap on for inspiration to tell impactful stories. 😊 But how do we tell business stories that can influence our audience? Are these techniques similarly applicable for the written form on one hand and the video form on the other end of the media spectrum?

Colin Goh is the head honcho of Learns Marketing. As a fellow Gen Xer, he is equally passionate about marketing especially when tapping on the unique experiences that we share in our generation. We decided to come together to create a Facebook Live show (full episodes hosted here: ) called “The ContentXMarketing Show” by ryoXcolin.


I am a Gen-X narrative marketer helping “traditional marketing” practitioners MAKE SENSE of the digital marketing maze. I fully understand the frustration and confusion that many Gen X marketers are facing when it comes to digital and content marketing. There are simply too many platforms to master and changes are happening too frequently!

Yet having had the benefit of helming both marketing and content roles in Singapore’s national broadcaster, I’ve come to appreciate that when we look at the new media from the traditional marketing principles, we will realise that principles remain intact even though the tools have changed.

Subscribe and join me to uncover more fundamental principles that will save you from making costly mistakes.

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